When planning to go for an adventure ride in a mountain bike, riders can make the most out of their activity when they come prepared or equipped with everything that they need. It is very impractical to think that while you’re off the trail already and you start worrying about what you have overlooked placing in your biker’s backpack or mini-pouch.

To avoid disappointments and future delays the next time you go for a ride, consider the following items to be in your possession:

Proper headgear or helmet

Bikers often do not go that fast while on a trail, but there are times when a bad fall may hurt or injure the head. Hard objects may also sometimes obstruct the trail like low-lying twigs or tree branches which could also cause bumps to the head when not attended or noticed. Wearing the helmet while mountain biking is practically for the rider’s upper body protection.

Safety biking google or sunglasses

Aside from protecting the eyes from minute insects or objects up front while riding, sunglasses also protect the rider’s eyes from too much glare from the sun on an early afternoon ride. This could affect ride performance due to a blurred or hazy vision when light from the sun hurts the rider’s sight and will result in red and watery eyes. Anti-glare or UV enhanced google will protect the eyes every step of the way.

Anti-sweat or absorbent biking jerseys

While other riders prefer to wear cotton shirts paired with cycling shorts during a ride, it is still best to be on an MTB jersey which probably complements the colour of your helmet and your bike’s frame. MTB jerseys are designed to absorb sweat from the head down to the rider’s torso to give a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Settling for non-absorbent or polyester shirts gives a feeling of dampness or wetness, which makes a ride uncomfortable.

Tight and fitted cycling shorts

The advantage of wearing the right lower body gear does not only give you a smooth and easy movement of your foot while you pedal your way through a trail but also the good feeling that nothing in your waist or hips could cause hitting, swiping, or touching nearby objects on your side trails.

Biking shoes

MTB shoes are ideal for any trail or weather condition. Its shape is perfectly tailored to fit a rider’s foot and usually comes in cool colours. It’s also lightweight and is made with grooves and spikes that are just right to have a firm hold on the pedals as well as a stable footing on either dry or wet grounds. It is ideal to wear to avoid sudden slips or trips while riding.

Most of all, never forget to bring your tools along with you during a ride and pump up your adventure with your kind of music from your earphones and music players.