5 Tips for Designing an A Class Uniform

Having the “best” of anything in sports is very much a divisive issue. Determining which team has the best uniform has sparked a feud too many over the past couple of years. The mere attempt to rank the apparel of a sports team rather seems hopeless, especially considering the number of changes they go through every year.
That said, there are a couple of things that catch the attention of everyone and help make an A class uniform. Let’s explore these.

Keep it simple

Before you get started on anything, this is the most important rule anyone could follow. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, keeping it simple and avoiding the clutter will help your team stand out of the crowd with ease. Don’t go overboard with shoulder or panel designs, nor should you indulge in fancy neck or arm ribbing. Using a simple color palette and focus on making the team name look classy. After all that is said and done, you have a uniform with the same aesthetic appeal as that of a Lamborghini.

Minimal colors

Choosing the right colors to depict the persona of your team is a very tedious task. While the majority of the teams out there stick to a basic palette of blue, black, red and white and play around with them. It is highly unlikely that you avoid any of these but as long as you find out some that compliment these can work wonders for the whole aesthetic.

Have a defining aspect

Perhaps the most difficult part of designing a uniform, you need to have an outstanding feature that doesn’t upset the simplicity. As a designer, you must strike a balance between the new aesthetics and simplicity to win over the fans.


One of the best-defining features of a team is its logo. It can be found all the merchandise but where it matters the most is the uniform. Whether you need t-shirt or hoodie printing Melbourne, there are a lot of logos out there you can use as inspiration but don’t lean too much on any logo as it tends to show. If you lack the graphic designing expertise yourself, make sure to hire the best one your budget allows. Look at their portfolio to ensure that they have the required expertise to help you out with your project.

Don’t change too much

Much of the studies conducted on the success of a specific sports uniform conclude that the uniforms featuring a classic feel tend to deliver a class A experience. If you are designing a new uniform stick to a classic feel and don’t try to modernize the uniform too much. On top of all that, don’t redesign your uniforms to much after a while they will be considered classic soon.

First MTB Ride Preparations

More than the excitement and the actual experience, it really is an advantage or an edge in getting ready for any important event in your life. To make the most out of it will require you to not only think of what’s going to happen today but for the rest of the days that you’ll enjoy what you have started.

It’ll always pay to ask questions whenever you’re uncertain of something or better yet, do a scouting or close observation of what every rider is doing. You would normally experience doubts or uncertainties along the way, but it will be temporary. Once you succeed on your first attempt, the rest of the positive things will follow.

The following humble suggestions below will speak about getting ready for your first mountain biking trip:

Physical and mental preparations

Mind setting is one very important factor in mountain biking. You’ll gonna ask yourself if you really wanted whatever it is that you are about to undergo. If you have uncertainties, doubts or fear in doing so, better not start anything if you have second thoughts. Another advantage to mountain biking is physical conditioning. Before you go on a long ride, you should have tested your stamina and pedal strength by going for a spin around your neighbourhood or the nearby town next to yours.

Exploring the terrain map of the ride

For first timers, it is recommended that you go with other riders on a simple or basic trail first. With this, you’ll be able to adjust your ride with respect to the kind of wheels you are going to use and the gears you’ll bring along the way for the ride. Technically, going with experienced MTB riders will challenge you to try what they are doing. Take it one step at a time until you’ll be ready, especially with trails that have treacherous turns or dangerous slopes and gaps.

Bring enough water and energy drinks

You’ll surely be thirsty ahead of the others since it’s your first time. Never wait for a fellow rider to open his bottle before you follow drinking. Experts are used to it already because they’ll only have a single sip in order not to fill the stomach with a liquid that will only add weight to the body during an actual trip. Energy drinks could also help in adding your strength and stamina, especially on an uphill climb.

Bring along smaller tools with you during the ride

Aside from the unpredictable weather during a ride, it’s also very important to bring your tools with you for emergency repairs while on the trail. A self-sealing kit, for example, will help you restore your wheel interiors during a puncture incident.